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Immediate Dentures

Nobody wants to lose their teeth, but sometimes when they are infected, hurting or just don’t look good, removing them may be the best choice.

What are immediate dentures?

An immediate denture is a denture that is placed immediately following the removal of the natural teeth.  On the first visit, impressions of your mouth are taken and you leave the office with your natural teeth still in place.  Then we create a model of your mouth and make the denture. Typically patients who are candidates for an immediate denture have concerns about the appearance of their teeth.  In the making of the immediate denture these concerns are addressed.  For example, if your teeth are too dark, the denture teeth can be made in a whiter shade.  If a tooth is missing or crooked, this will be corrected in making the denture.

 Once the denture is made your teeth are removed and the denture is immediately place into your mouth.  This appointment typically involves sedation.  Sedation options include oral and IV sedation.  This provides you with a relaxed and comfortable visit.  Most people who use sedation have little or no memory of this visit.

 Advantages of Immediate Dentures

 There are several advantages of getting immediate dentures.  The main advantage is that you never have to appear in public without teeth.  You have a new, natural looking smile immediately.  This can be a major improvement in your overall health, comfort and confidence.  The immediate denture also protects the extraction sites while your mouth heals and acts like a bandage to help control oozing from extraction sites.  The immediate denture gives you support to your lips and cheeks during the healing process.

 Additional Considerations of Immediate Dentures

 Immediate dentures require additional visits after the denture is placed.  This is due to the fact that as the tissues heal, the jaw chances shape.  The fit of the denture is affected because a space develops between the inside of the denture and the jaw.  To manage this, a liner is placed inside the denture that closely adapts to your jaw.  This procedure is typically performed about three times over a six month period.  After approximately six months the tissues have completely healed and it’s time to make a new denture.  The original, surgery denture becomes the back up or spare denture.

 The bottom line is that if you are having trouble with teeth and you are considering having your teeth removed, immediate dentures may be your best choice.  Dr. Gaball has many years of experience providing this service to patients and will be happy to discuss your options with you.  Call today.


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